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Pet of the Month


Meadow is a 15 year old ab who has been through so much this year.

One year ago Meadow had bloodwork done to check her internal organs to find out why she was drinking and urinating so much. Results indicated she was most likely a dog with Cushing's Disease. An ultrasound revealed she had a tumor on one of her adrenal glands. In February this year she had surgery at WSU Veterinary Hospital to remove the entire adrenal gland which was an Adenocarcinoma. Meadow recovered well from surgery.

Then in April a vaginal mass was discovered which required another surgery at WSU in July. This mass was identified as a fibrosarcoma which is a very aggressive cancer. Meadow started Chemo drugs shortly after the report came back informing doctors the mass was not completely removed.

Meadow is maintaining well on pain meds and her Chemo drugs. She has her blood checked regularly to monitor her cells and radiographs of her chest to check for potential metastasis to her lungs. So far things are good.

We are so proud of Meadow and hope she continues to do well.