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Pet of the Month


Sadie is a 12 year old Australian Shepherd who has been through so much this year.  To start off the year, in January, Sadie tore her Anterior Cruciate Ligament which requires surgery to stabilize the knee.  At this time the bloodwork doctors performed prior to surgery, indicated Sadie had elevated liver enzymes causing the doctors to postpone her knee repair until further diagnostics.  She required an ultrasound in order to view her liver to check for cancer or other abnormalities which could make anesthesia unsafe.

The results of the ultrasound revealed Sadie had Cushings Disease.  Doctors began Sadie on a medication to treat Cushings to help regulate the over production of cortisol in her body.  She responded well and was approved for knee surgery in mid February. Sadie recovered well after 2 months of rest and rehabilitation.  Sadie also discontinued her Cushing’s medication after a few months when her symptoms of Cushings Disease seemed to subside.  But in July, Sadie began to show concerning signs again and bloodwork revealed she was now hypothyroid.  She began a new medication to treat her low thyroid level and was monitored closely for Cushings.

In August, Sadie continued to decline and showed signs of weight loss and decreased appetite.. Another ultrasound and bloodwork panels were performed revealing enlarged adrenal glands which can contribute to Cushings Disease.  At this time Sadie was referred to WSU Veterinary teaching hospital for a workup.  A CT scan was performed on her brain revealing a tumor on Sadie's pituitary gland. WSU performed radiation treatment on the tumor and placed a feeding tube in her to help with supportive care during her recovery.

Sadie is home now without a feeding tube and is off most of her medications.  Her big battle now is her fight against arthritis.  She is struggling with the pain and discomfort from her hips and knees and ha a hard time getting around some days.  Sadie gets daily pain meds and anti-inflammatories to keep her comfortable.  We all love Sadie and wish her the best.  She is an incredible dog and we are very proud of her.