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Our Veterinarians

Christine Perry-Siems

Christine Perry-Siems, DVM

Dr. Siems always wanted to to be a doctor, but found human medicine and hospitals unwelcoming. So she decided to follow in hr dads foot steps and become a veterinarian. She finds creating lasting relationships with clients and their pets most rewarding.

Her goal with every patient is to understand the clients concerns for their pet and offer compassionate care options that address these concerns.

Dr. Siems family consists of her husband Jeff, daughter Sophie, French Bulldog 'GiGi', and horses, ponies, chickens, and 'Rosebush' our cat.

Dr. Siems maintains the faith that things work out for the best, the way they were intended. She believes this is an optimistic outlook to live by.

Michor Gentemann, Place Holder

Jessica McCrea, DVM

Dr. McCrea became a veterinarian because she always had a desire to help those that can't help themselves and she has a love for science. She had lots of pets growing up including dogs, cats, small critters, and horses.

Her goal at every visit is to listen to the client's concerns with an open mind and complete a thorough exam. This will allow her to offer the best treatment plan options to help the patient and guide the client to be able to make a decision that works best for them and their pet.

Dr. McCrea lives with her fiance, Troy, his grown children, and their dog, Izze, and cat, Kitty. She likes to live her life with integtrity, humility, compassion, and a sense of adventure. 

Marybeth Porter

Marybeth Porter, DVM

Dr. Porter became a veterinarian because she has always had a love for animals and science. Her goal at every visit is to address the concerns the client has for the patient, to give a thorough exam, and take care of the patient as the owner is able to do.

Dr. Porter's family includes her husband, one grown daughter and two grown sons. She has two Labradoodles of her own and takes pride in breeding an occassional litter of Labradoodles. And of course Sherlock, her 37 year old Amazon Parrot. 

Alex McCormick

Alex McCormick, DVM

Dr. McCormick grew up surrounded by pets. They were always a part of her life and she loved being around them. She knew she wanted to be a vet since she was 4 years old . She loves the science and medicine and the puzzle pieces that make up disease. Her goal with every patient is education and understanding for the client and a happy outcome for the patient.

Dr. McCormick's family includes her husband, two dogs, Archie and Duke, and one cat named Mercedes. Dr. McCormick believes you should do small things that make others feel big. Oh yeah, and Hakuna Matata!!

Michor Gentemann, Place Holder

Melanie Bowden, DVM

Dr. Melanie Bowden has a background in international relations. She lived in South Africa for a year working for not-for-profits on One Health initiatives looking at how animal, environmental, and human health all effect each other. It was this experience that showed her the beauty of the human-animal bond and interdependence on the animals in our lives.

No matter if it was for food, work, or companionship, each animal was highly valued, loved, and cared for and each human received spiritual and physical nourishment. When she returned to the states she knew she wanted to be a veterinarian and applied for vet school. While in veterinary school, she was really drawn towards small animal and hobby farm medicine. In the last year as a veterinarian in Portland,she felt so privileged to help preserve, protect, and deepen the human-animal bond found between each pet parent and their pet.

Dr. Bowden's goal with each patient is to truly listen to the pet parent to understand their unique relationship with their four-legged family member so she can provide the tailored care they need and deserve. Ultimately, she feels it is her job to help pet parents and patients in her care live longer, happier, healthier lives together.

Dr. Bowden's family includes her partner of three years, Ben, a college professor at Lewis Clark State College. Their two dogs Pippin and Bodhi graciously share the house with them! Bodhi is an 11 year old lab/greyhound mix who is fully blind having lost his eyes to a previous trauma. Pippin is a rascally terrier mix that was found in a trailer park in Hermiston Oregon. The four of them love to go hiking and camping together in their time off.

At this stage in her life there are two quotes that speak strongly to her:

'That you are here-that life exists and identity, that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.' -Walt Whitman

'As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen.' -Winnie the Pooh