Dr. Christy Siems, DVM.

Dr. Siems always wanted to to be a doctor, but found human medicine and hospitals unwelcoming. So she decided to follow in hr dads foot steps and become a veterinarian. She graduated from WSU in 1998. She finds creating lasting relationships with clients and their pets most rewarding.

Dr. Siems has a special interest in surgery, especially orthopedics. Her goal with every patient is to understand the clients concerns for their pet and offer compassionate care options that address these concerns.

Dr. Siems spearheaded our Fear Free Certification for our hospital and loves the way the patients respond in a positive way.

Dr. Siems family consists of her husband Jeff, daughter Sophie, French Bulldog 'GiGi', and horses, ponies, chickens, and 'Rosebush' our cat.

Dr. Siems maintains the faith that things work out for the best, the way they were intended. She believes this is an optimistic outlook to live by.

Dr. Mary Sinnamon, DVM

Dr. Mary Sinnamon is living her dream as she had wanted to be a veterinarian since early childhood. She has always had a fascination with all different kinds of animals and would attempt to learn all she could about them. Along with this fascination came a love for their well-being which developed later into her passion for medicine and concern for fellow pet-owners.

Dr. Sinnamon attended Michigan State University and currently lives with her spouse, Elis, who is also a veterinarian. Their pride and joy include their 5 cats, 2 bunnies, and a variety of exotics: tropical fish, snakes, a gecko, a turtle, a tortoise, and tarantulas. She loves and has owned a variety of other invertebrates. Ask her anything about her pets and you can get her to talk for hours!

Dr. Sinnamon is an avid kitty and bunny lover and has a special interest in exotic animal medicine. Her goal is to work alongside pet-owners to provide the best possible care for their pets.

Dr. Leah Sloan, DVM

Dr. Sloan is originally from Las Vegas and developed an interest in pursuing veterinary medicine after adopting her now 12 year old blue nose pitbull in high school. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology and moved to Washington for veterinary school at WSU. After falling in love with Eastern Washington, she decided to move to Spokane to practice small animal medicine. Having an anxious dog herself who hated vet visits, she became passionate about Fear Free practice in veterinary school and likes to tailor care around each animal’s individual needs hoping to give each patient the best experience possible. Dr. Sloan’s goal is to empower owners with knowledge and choices to make the most informed decisions about their beloved pets.

Dr. Laura Strom, DVM CVA

During her veterinary career Dr. Strom has developed her interests in dentistry, animal behavior, internal medicine, senior pet care, and most recently in veterinary acupuncture. Blending the experience of her conventional training and newly acquired “eastern” medicine to best serve the needs of pets, she now practices “integrative” veterinary medicine offering options of conventional medicine as well as acupuncture and herbal/natural therapies.

Dr. Claudia LaBianca, DVM

Dr. Claudia LaBianca is from Phoenix, Arizona and attended the University of Arizona for her undergraduate education in veterinary science. She graduated from Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2023. Claudia has a special interest in surgery and wound management. In her free time she enjoys watercolor painting, gardening, and skiing. Her partner is also a veterinarian and together they share three cats: Ms. Gravy, Pinto Bean, and Chainsaw.